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Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do I know that my Incense Fountain won’t be damaged in the mail?

Incense Fountain is shipped in a form-fitting, padded box that’s extremely protective. It’s shock absorbent and prevents your Incense Fountain from rattling around. So your Incense Fountain will arrive in mint condition, with no chips, cracks or damages.


2. How does the smoke flow like that?

The backflow incense cones are specially designed to burn downward.


3. Will Incense Fountain work with any incense cones?

Yes, but only backflow cones will give you the flowing waterfall effect. Ordinary incense cones will burn properly, but the smoke will not flow down the waterfall. It will just rise in the air like a traditional incense burner.  


4. Does the Incense Fountain come with any Backflow Incense Cones?

Yes. Each Incense Fountain comes with 10 backflow incense cones for free. Each of these free cones has its own unique scent. 


5. Can I buy more incense cones?

Yes, you can add a bag of 200 backflow incense cones to your order. These bags of 200 cones have ten different scents and you get 20 cones of each scent.


6. Is the Incense Fountain sturdy?

Yes. This beautiful piece is made of dense ceramics that are carefully molded by hand. If treated with care, your Incense Fountain will last for generations.


7. How much does one Incense Fountain weigh?

Each Incense Fountain weighs abut 235 grams or roughly eight ounces


8. How tall is each Incense Fountain?

Incense Fountain is 4 inches tall (10 centimeters) and 4 inches (10 cm) wide across the middle.


9. How long does shipping take?


To provide our customers with the best possible products at the lowest possible prices, we ship our merchandise directly from our factories which are located all over the world. Unfortunately, international shipping takes time. 

If you choose standard shipping, you should expect your Incense Fountain within 2-4 weeks. Our apologies if that’s longer than you hoped. We promise that your Incense Fountain will be well worth the wait. Due to COVID-19, there have been a significant amount of delays in shipping time. Depending on when your order was shipped, you could see delays of 1-2 additional weeks with your order. We thank you for your patience and if you have any concerns about this please reach out to us to remedy.

If you must have your Incense Fountain sooner, we offer expedited shipping options.


10. Does my order come with a tracking number?


Yes, all orders are shipped with a tracking number.